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Urban Lights - SSA, 4:50
Urban Lights - Amber Sheeran
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A tribute to the constellations, before they fade into the ever-growing city lights. While the piece is originally meant for SSA, the two parts can be sung as any mix of voices that would work best for the choir, with or without octave transpositions. Available in the website shop.

Promises to Keep - SATB, 3:43
Promises to Keep - Amber Sheeran
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Based on the poem, Stopping in the Woods on a Snowy Evening, by Robert Frost, this piece has a folk-like element to it with some modal mixture and a Bass Drum because I wanted percussion and was feeling adventurous. A classic SATB style, with a folk-like feel, written as a Composition Studio Project. Available in the website shop.

Be Silent - SSAA, 4:23
Be Silent - Amber Sheeran
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A piece for treble choir, crotales, and vibraphone about the struggle to overcome discrimination against women even now in the 21st century. Available in the website shop.

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