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Elementary Music

(free resources)

As I've worked with my students on various programs, concerts, and musicals, I've found myself writing quite a bit for them. Here are a few of those songs open for use, because I certainly wouldn't have gotten very far in my first year of teaching without free resources.

Come Little Leaves

Low mi-sol, ti-tika, pentatonic, fall songs, octaves

Poem by George Cooper(1840 – 1927)

Las Hojas

Spanish, octaves, 5-note scale, ta/ti-ti, low sol-sol, fermata/caesura, pick-up notes.

Lyrics from "The Bilingual Book of Rhymes, Songs, Stories and Fingerplays"

Tell Me a Story

Double-harmonic minor, 6/8 meter, low sol-high do, dynamics, dissonance, tempo changes, song form

Original lyrics

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