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Winds and Strings

Phila Sophia, Phila Mousa - 3:29, Grade 3
Flex Ensemble
Phila Sophia, Phila Mousa - Amber Sheeran
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“Phila” (Greek; philia, φɩλɩα) is a derivative of one of the seven Greek words for love. It often refers to a friendly love, or a love between equals. “Sophia” (Greek; sophía, σoφɩα) is the word for wisdom, specifically pertaining to art and handicraft. These two words were combined to create the word we know as philosophy. “Mousa” (Greek; mousa, μoῦσα) means “art” or “poetry” and is where we get the word “music” from. The title as a whole loosely translates to “love of wisdom, love of music”. This piece is available here at Murphy Music Press. (

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