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Suite For Earth - String Quartet

Suite For Fire - Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano

Novella - Woodwind Quintet and Alto Voice

Relentless Growth - Flute, Cello, Electronic Harp

Carnival of the Pets - Clarinet, Horn in F

Silver Dollar Lake - Viola, Clarinet, Piano

Like You Own the Place - Woodwind Trio

In the Woods Behind Baskerville - Trombone Choir

Bouquet from the Glen - Fall 2024 for Flute and Bassoon

Watercolors Fading

A Thousand Single Snowflakes

A Crown of Violets

Molly on the Shore - arr. for Flex Band

Found in a Gardener's Shed - Flex Band

Remains of an Ancient Sea - Flex Band

Ghost Town

Roll for Initiative

Brave the River

On Frosted Mornings - Trombone

Between State Lines - Clarinet and Piano

Seven Shorts in Three Sharps - Cello and Piano

Wind in the Tops of the Pines - Piano

Indian Paintbrush - Violin/Viola

Lophiiformes - Flute

A Study in Scarlet - Clarinet

Deadly Nightshade


Brazen Autumn

Under the Ashes and Smoke

Be Silent - SSAA, Crotales, Vibraphone

Promises to Keep - SATB, Piano, Bass Drum

Urban Lights - SSA, Piano

Phila Sophia, Phila Mousa (Flex Ensemble)

Helios et Anthemon - coming soon

Come Little Leaves

Las Hojas

Tell Me a Story

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